October 11, 2011

Thalian Profile – Rowan Bromon

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Rowan Bromon

Master of Medical-Science (healing and research)

Trained observer/Master Storyteller

Several degrees in human/Thalian psychology

Trained by Eron in several disciplines of mind linking and melding

Age 32 (2004)

Born April 14, 1972, earth’s orbit aboard Thalian mother ship


Strong resemblance to Damon (younger brother)

6′ tall, rounded lush figure and well proportioned.

Bangs cover a high intelligent forehead; golden skin and narrow arched brows. Waist-length hair, coal black and glossy, hangs in a thick straight swathe from a Bromon insignia clip at the nape of her slender neck.

Clear black eyes dominate a flawless oval face; wide full mouth; long tapered fingers.

PSYCHIC ABILITIES:  Touch-healer, empathic healer, telepathy, empathic Master of medical-science — is an outstanding touch healer; gathers insight into people and animals through the sensitive nerve-endings in her fingers and palms and trusts her intuitive impressions gained through years of experience and heightened perceptions of normal senses.

For a deeper internal look into patient, hands are rubbed together until skin warms and tingles, until she can feel a thin cushion of energy pushing against her fingers. Standard approach is to brush fingertips over forehead and the other hand is centered over heart.

No mind-sight , touch-sensing, or several other abilities shared by Debra and Damon.

NOTEABLE MOMENTS:  head of medical-science at age 27; received status as Master of medical-science age 26. Took most of her life to achieve that status which includes all healing disciplines (touch, empathic, etc.)

As the only other remaining immediate Bromon heir, Rowan is second in command to Damon (pre-approved by city council). Should something happen to Damon, Rowan would have the choice of stepping down as head of medical-science for the position of sovereign or refuse sovereignty in favor of her current position and incur a general election for a new sovereign (Manton would be next in line by mutual consent of Damon and Rowan, but would still need to be tested and approved by the council). If Manton declines or died in an accident before succeeding as sovereign and designating a successor, candidates from all the Thalian cities would be submitted by each city’s council of elders to be tested by the mother city’s council of elders until one was selected as the new sovereign.

Possible Scene: Debra unconsciously attacks when Rowan tries to wake her for her physical — Debra’s fingers automatically clamp tightly around Rowan’s bare wrist (inborn autonomic defenses always on guard); squeezing strength and fiery heat brings Rowan to her knees in shocking pain. Debra’s demonic red eyes glare at her with startling menace. Once awake, Debra is mortified when she recognizes Damon’s sister; senses signal no danger present, and she stops her attack immediately and takes Rowan’s injured wrist between her hands and instinctively takes all the trauma and pain into herself (her first conscious time using empathic healing on another). For Rowan the pain eases almost instantly. She watches cells and tissue heal with an intensity that makes the wrist skin better than new. No endorphins flood her bloodstream to stem pain or induce healing. In seconds her arm is completely normal.  For Debra, her wrist is burnt with raw sores that slowly repair from the inside out until completely healed in seconds.

Possible Scene: First melding with Debra turns disastrous when an old re-occurring nightmare has Debra’s superior strength accidentally locking both of them in the realism of the nightmare. Rowan is unable to break the meld and silently calls out to the only one who can help her in time, the man she’s been secretly bonded to for 14 years. Rowan feels the first strike (Debra’s killing power), the mind-numbing acid burn in her arm (where Debra has unknowingly grabbed her) as the heart in her chest burst violently apart in exploding tissue and blood. Pinned to Debra’s side by a grip that threatens to break bones, Rowan can only shield her mind against the bursts of energy that have blood filling her eyes like tears and seeping from pores like sweat. Healing instincts anesthetize brain matter and tissue and she floods her body with coagulants and painkillers to stem the hemorrhaging and racking agony that’s pounding her nervous system.

Rowan’s memories of Thalia:  (these memories are shared with Debra during first melding).  Seeing images of Thalia from space looking small, vulnerable, and very brown. The few remaining cloud cities, still beautiful on their towering struts, with metal platforms miles wide of earth and glass and rising from lakes long ago turned to sand. Beneath their protective domes few remain to welcome the sun each day or are high enough to avoid the stench and dust of the wastelands below. Paradise has changed into sealed domed parks over tunneled underground caverns filled with families and communities slowly succumbing to the lack of space and sunshine. Dying a little each day from shrinking resources and the ability to repair while the best materials and minds produce ships that set course for an unknown freedom. All except those left waiting behind.
Feels Debra’s healing skill is the precision work of a master; a healer of the highest order.

Has seen firsthand that, at least internally, Debra does not have the same weaknesses as the other original bi-human children. Why?

Is convinced Debra has strength of will and determined courage against the brutality of her youth and the emotional-psychic struggle to survive the ruthless blending of two diverse species. Feels Debra has the strength and instinctive aptitude for stepping fearlessly into the unknown—Debra’s early blunders are because she simply doesn’t know any better. Thalian training in the use of her abilities will take care of that.

As a youngster, jealousy of Damon’s numerous higher abilities made her mean spirited toward Damon–a state of mind that was swiftly excised by Eron when testing and evaluation revealed her distinctive gifts in medical arts. From that moment, training as a young adult and healer became her focus and feelings of inadequacy were tossed aside as a waste of time.

Is aware that Damon loves Debra more than life itself; an emotional bonding that could someday impair his formidable mental strength and judgment.

MISCELLANEOUS NOTES:  Older sister to Damon by four years. No other siblings or immediate family.

Although born 10 months after orbit established around earth, Rowan has memories (possibly parental) of Thalia’s early morning sun peering through the park domes before the scorching heat of the day made the protected environments unbearably humid and difficult to breath in. Before the massive clear domes were blocked to reduce the brutal heat and demoralizing view of the surrounding arid wastelands.

She explains to Debra: there is no way to cram a million years of Thalian doctrine into your human psyche in a single day, even when the awakening ceremony is done properly. But your Thalian heritage is within you and all Thalian customs and beliefs are closely tied to a dying planet and the truth behind our existence. Thalians are a very pragmatic race with time honored rituals and ceremonies that are steeped in practical rationale. If you truly want to learn, then take advantage of the teachings from the Masters and Grand Masters ready to help you.

October 10, 2011

Human Profile – Edith Bromon

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Edith Suzanne Bromon

Age 51 (2004)

Born May 9, 1953


Currently residing Crystal Lake, WA

Originally born and raised Kalispell, Montana.

Dorothy Hall – older sister by two years.

Debra Hall – niece/daughter.

5’9” tall; still strikingly robust–tall and resilient like so many from her family; looks many years younger than actual age; ocean-blue eyes; cap of short silver curls very flattering to her face; strong Slavic-descent cheekbones; full lips; callused hands from gardening-yard work.

PERSONAL STATISTICS:  doting aunt/remarkably tolerant about Debra’s screw-ups and life in general. Has a tendency to twirl diamond stud in right ear when nervous. Excellent cook, famous for her fruit pies and tarts and sweet iced teas.

Totally devoted to dead husband’s memory and Thalian family. Debra has always known Edith to be her aunt but in truth Edith is actually her mother. Edith an emotional wreck when Trevon died. By the time she recovered, Debra well established with her sister and brother-in-law, Dorothy and Jeff.

Over the years Edith has matured into a strong leader, loved by all, never remarried, can be a bit of a maverick where Debra is concerned. Has managed to talk her way past her sister’s paranoia to remain he Debra’s life.

Rituals and keepsakes are of great importance to Edith’s peace of mind, as are memories. Always bringing up past families, dreams and small treasures, the laughter and love lost.

Graduated high school, Kalispell. Earned 2-year associates degree at community college, but did nothing with it. No further education.

PSYCHIC ABILITIES:  empathic abilities—able to read thoughts, feelings, emotions. Limited ability to transfer someone’s pain (physical or emotional) to herself to help them heal.

Ability to close mind against Debra’s ability to probe. Has to keep her mind closed to Debra because her abilities are too powerful and spontaneous. Debra’s Thalian heritage has to remain secret to protect all of them until the awakening ceremony.

NOTEABLE MOMENTS:  very rocky relationship with Dorothy due to her constant paranoia and ill treatment toward Debra.

A dubious four-year truce between Edith and Dorothy shattered when Debra 16 almost beaten to death by Dorothy (caused by Debra telling Edith about some of her abilities).

When Edith and Trevon married, her status as human made her last name more influential than the first family. But when Trevon died of the virus she had her last name legally changed to Bromon as a way of keeping him close, of keeping his memory alive.

Edith (age23) and Dorothy (age 25) met Kalon and Trevon at a seminar for psychics in Kalispell, Montana in 1976. Edith was looking for a place to fit in. Dorothy had come along to supervise baby sister; was always acting like Edith’s mother.

Edith found the Thalian people beautiful, intelligent, and very resourceful. Thalian children call her Auntie E.

Has known about Debra’s black rages since they started but never seen one before Debra’s black rage nearly destroys half of her home.

With Damon’s help Edith uses the mediation globe to plant suggestions in Debra’s subconscious to motivate her to come to Edith.

Ruthie and 14 other children live at Crystal Lake; they have a rare illness, and nothing conventional can be done for them; they need Debra to come home so she can help them.

Goes against the elders, not to mention established medical protocol, and tells Debra the truth about why she felt compelled to come to Crystal lake; Damon is furious with her.

Ruthie dies the night that Debra arrives, the night she meets Damon for the first time in reality, the night she hears some of Edith’s thoughts and emotions for the first time in her life.

Best friend for years is Naomi Taylor; Naomi is utterly reliable to Edith; quick to laugh and even quicker to lend a hand or defend what she considered hers. Has carefully tucked Edith under her protection ever since their chance meeting in Kalispell, Montana 28 years ago. Although not blood related they have chosen each other as sisters, indulgent of the other’s strengths and weaknesses with unconditional acceptance. Naomi is the more aggressive and outspoken of the two. Her daunting rowdy tactics never stopped Edith from perceiving the caring, generous heart beneath the gruff Amazon exterior. When Trevon died Naomi practically lived at the bluff house and hospital until Edith could cope again. Arrives in Kalispell, Montana 1976 age 26, three years older than Edith.

Married  Trevon 1978, widowed 1981 and never remarried or seriously dated another man.

MISCELLANEOUS NOTES:  IMPORTANT POSSESSIONS– Black Lover’s Box (wedding gift from Trevon): carved squares of black wood interlock across lid and sides; smells of polish and flower petals; padded ocean-blue silk drapes the custom-made pedestals that protectively cradle a palm-size mediation globe and oblong ancient crystal pendant with gold filigree setting and matching chain. Box is kept locked and opens by small key on gold chain around Edith’s neck.

October 9, 2011

Human Profile – Debra Hall

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Debra Hall (no middle name)

Age 25, (2004); born July 30, 1979, Montana.

Currently residing at Edith’s home, Crystal Lake, WA


5’11” tall; dark brown eyes; long dark brown hair, usually worn in a single French braid down her back; long legs, slender build; full breasts.

PERSONAL STATISTICS:  Kalon and Debra a part of each other’s minds and souls since she was barely eighteen months old.

Approaching 25th birthday and it’s been more than a year since her last bout with the black rage (Shari’s Syndrome)– like suffering through a grand mall seizure only a hundred times worse. Having been free for so long seemed like sufficient proof that age and maturing mental strength was enough to keep the worst from happening again. Wrong!

When protective mental barriers are up she is mentally blind to those around her. Has no doubts in her ability to incapacitate, even kill, should the threat become physical. Kalon (dream world) has taught her well, going down in defeat more times than he’d like to remember, although the majority of their bouts usually ends in a draw.

Told as a child that her dead Uncle Trevon lives in the fruit trees on the bluff at Crystal Lake where he protects and keeps them healthy (his ashes were scattered on the ground that becomes the orchard). Who is to say it isn’t so since all of the original trees are still producing in abundance every year.

Even when fully blocked her inborn instincts still act like a kind of radar. Maybe it’s normal senses picking up a shift in the space around her. Or maybe she feels a vibration closing in. Yet step within her surrounding area and instincts automatically let her know from where and how many.

Kalon often remarked while they were growing up in the dream world that her highly sensitive defensive instincts are the best he’s ever seen; generous with his praise even when losing to those same defensive instincts.

Head human psychiatrist, working with the Thalians and helping to care for the bi-human children, is convinced Debra is not a split personality: the scared child and warrior woman. Both are Debra. The child is dealing with unresolved human issues; the warrior is simply a defense mechanism that is part of her Thalian psyche.


MIND-SIGHT — also known as the Sight (must brace herself for the impact of the images that flood her mind). Through contact of hand to any object, has the ability to see in great detail beyond her physical eyesight, bird’s-eyes view, or to see through objects.

NORMAL ABILITIES (when not blocked)has the ability to focus hearing, smell, store information (enhanced photographic memory), etc. instantly for her own use. Can sense other people’s bodily functions e.g. although the resident’s minds are blocked to her, Debra can still focus in on their heartbeats, breathing, etc. when nearby. No matter where she is or how far, she can always find Edith’s heartbeat–a sense of comfort to her over the years.

WARRIOR MODE  when threatened, survival instincts kick in automatically. Adrenaline floods her system unleashing a dangerous warrior mentality and training. Heightened reflexes become faster, stronger, and lethal. Ordinary sensory perception slows, missing nothing while her ability to sift and recall information allows her to plan and attack in seconds. Instantly muscles engorge with oxygen-saturated blood vessels. Skin cells enlarge making surface tissue firmer and less susceptible to injury and bruising. Tiny blue bolts of static discharge arc menacingly between her fingers

When danger has past an intense weariness grips mind and body as adrenaline and heightened senses slowly dissipate from her system. The warrior returns to the shadows until danger threatens once more.

MEDITATION GLOBE EXPERIENCE  One look at the pulsing blue core (flame) and the mind is ensnared, penetrated without force or pain. The warrior in Debra does not understand the power of the globe and tries to fight, futilely.

Heartbeat slows as physical sensations fall away. Time loses all meaning. All that remains in the mind is consciousness and a disorienting awareness of descent; pastel colors blend, darken, finally swallowing her in blackness. Her psychic abilities have no power in this environment. When returning to reality, the blackness alters into shades of blue and time and space becomes relative once again. Physical senses begin working again.

PROECTIVE BLOCKING sets up parameters that block what you want and allows through what you want; don’t have to be fully blocked to be protected from thoughts of others, to stop someone from probing.

i.e. Imagine a solid barrier in your mind. Now reduce the solidity of that barrier a little at a time until your higher senses can see through but nothing else can get in. No stray thoughts or emotions coming in or getting out, leaving you protected, not blind. The remaining barrier is still sensitive and strong enough that no one can just waltz into your mind without getting a figurative door slammed in their face. Not to mention one hell of a headache.

BLACK RAGE (Shari’s Syndrome) is a brutal genetic disorder that only the original 50 bi-human children contract at puberty–unpredictable, uncontrollable, eventually lethal to the victim. For Debra, lethal defenses kick in automatically to protect her while she’s incapacitated.

Possible Scene – Air particles over stimulated by the abundant waves of kinetic energy radiating from Debra randomly discharge like tiny fireflies. The condensed atmosphere heaves and swirls into a whirling mayhem. Objects move, fly, bend, etc.  Most notable is Debra’s murderous blood-red eyes.

Charged energy dances in stunning blue arcs over anything metal. Meditation globe influence is instant when globe is less than a couple of inches from Debra’s face–crystal’s flame penetrates the sensitive layers of blood-filled retinas. Immediately the blue radiance breaches tissue and cells of the eyes, brain, and spinal column spreading its calming emptying influence throughout the body. Engorged blood vessels contract to normal slowly clearing the eyes. Failed nerve pathways resume natural conduction stemming muscular seizures and convulsions. Breathing, heart rate, and paranormal functions lapse into cataleptic exhaustion allowing Debra’s autonomic self-healing to repair internal trauma.

MANNERISMS / HABITS:  solitary, taller than teenagers her own age (5’10” at age 16). Next to her most are clumsy, empty-headed. Just one more distinction that sets her apart from her peers. Gave up trying to belong years ago.

Has an inborn need to protect others from her sometimes unstable abilities while growing up. As an adult, Debra is a loner, quiet, unafraid to defend herself. Has accepted her abilities as though they are an arm or leg; they are simply a part of who she is.

She trusts only a handful of people. In warrior mode she is completely capable of killing to protect. She is self-taught with the abilities she has grown up with. Usually stumbles upon a new ability in moments of stress or while testing herself with one she is learning how far she can push.

NOTEABLE MOMENTS: 1987 (age8) Debra touched Sara Humphrey after the child fell down a bluff; the cuts and blood transferred from Sara’s face and body to Debra. Once all the abrasions and bruising were completely healed on Debra (a matter of minutes) she collapsed into a deep sleep.

During young age attempted suicide twice and both times failed because of inborn survival instincts and Kalon.

Age 16 (1995) almost beaten to death by Dorothy. Two-month recovery at private clinic. Saved by Kalon and his revenge against Dorothy by manipulating Debra’s body and abilities.

In the dream world, they make love for the first time, completing First Rites (Debra age 16, Kalon/Damon age 19). He presents her with a thin gold chain with a slender crystal pendant delicately set in gold filigree (the Talisman Crystal). As far as Kalon is considered they are now married.

20 years since Debra was last at Edith’s home (age 5).

Ten days is the longest blackout after a rage: awakes alone lying on the bathroom floor of her basement apartment in several inches of cold water. Her trust fund covered damages but she was evicted.

Four years away at boarding school was the safest time in her life. Medical staff seems to understand her infrequent ‘epileptic’ condition and at the first signs of extreme fatigue and muscular tremors the nurses get her down in the school’s quarantine and keep her heavily sedated, strapped down, and blindfolded. Recovery usually takes 3 – 4 days after achieving consciousness again, giving her plenty of time to catch up on missed school work.

Possible Scene: At 19 she accidentally catches herself on video camera during a black rage. A short summer trip to Miami turns into the vacation from hell. Air-conditioning fails in the rental car, then still 50 miles from her hotel the rental vehicle breaks down with engine trouble leaving her stranded on a lonely stretch of highway in sweltering heat for 3 hours before the company arrives with another car. And even though she notifies the hotel of her predicament and late arrival, her beautiful suite with a waterfront view is mistakenly given to another and she has to be satisfied with a complimentary fruit basket and a single room overlooking the side parking lot and flamingo pond. Tired, exasperated, unable to face the small depressing room she’s on the tiny balcony staring with empty eyes at the swivel-mounted camera viewer at the famous pink birds. Weakness sets in almost the moment the tremors start, giving her little time to lock the room and toss the camera still running onto the bureau across from the bed. The perfect end to a disastrous day. Her last rational thought before succumbing is to wish the bastards in hotel management a trashed room compliments of the black rage. Five days later she wakes to find the bedspread scorched black where her body has lain. All the windows are shattered, some exploded outward. Hotel security is in the final stages of busting down the double-locked door and a doctor and nurse from the school are outside in the hall claiming a medical emergency. The dead camera is hastily shoved in her unpacked suitcase and she’s quickly hustled down to the waiting private ambulance. Exhausted after her ordeal she sleeps the entire way back to Virginia. A week later the camera batteries are recharged and she witnesses for the first time the unholy creature she becomes during a rage. The video tape is burned after just one viewing and she tells no one except Kalon.

Ruthie and 14 other children live at Crystal Lake; they have a rare illness, and nothing conventional can be done for them; Edith and others are looking to Debra to help them.

First meeting with Damon/Kalon at Edith’s shortly after she arrives. She sees Kalon in Damon’s face and body but Damon is completely closed to her and the sparks of temper and mistrust fly. Not a good beginning for their first meeting in reality, especially when Damon considers Debra his wife.

October 8, 2011

Thalian Profile – Damon Bromon

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Damon Bromon

Head of the House of Bromon after the death of his parents.

Specializes in medical-science / technology.

Current leader or sovereign of the Thalian nation on earth.

Tantria — underwater city, Crystal Lake, WA

Age 28, November 10, 1976.

Born in orbit around earth aboard mother ship.


6’3″ tall in bare feet; golden skin tone; wide shoulders, flat stomach; black eyes, large hands, well-shaped fingers; shoulder-length black hair swept dramatically back from forehead; bold cheekbones, square rugged jaw line; handsome, arrogant, thoroughly male. Deep soothing voice; has a stately presence.

PSYCHIC ABILITIES:  Self healing (mind-healing); telepathy; levitation; telekinetic; mind-sight; power channeling (controlled shallow energy bursts through a controlled exit i.e. fingertips to render someone temporarily unconscious).

KILLING POWER — is actually kinetic energy channeled through the body to create an energy field to use as a cloaking aura or highly focused in a concussive burst that can disable and kill. Thalians control the density of the field, the brightness, the area covered, or the power intensity. All Thalians have the ability to channel energy, but only a very small percentage have the strength to kill (i.e. Damon and Debra).

Should Damon become unconscious while above the cloaking field would collapse allowing the virus to begin cell erosion.

MANNERISMS / HABITS:  arrogant, commanding, in control, yet totally devoted to the children and his people. When troubled or preoccupied has a tendency to put his hands in trouser pockets.

Natural born leader; one of the most powerful psychic minds in centuries.

Damon always described the dream world as an alternate plane of existence, not something in his mind, not some presence taking over his thoughts, but a real place where he had a life with Debra. But he knew one day Debra would come home to them, to him. His sister, Rowan, feels the last couple of years were hard and very frustrating for Damon, with the dream world becoming a form of self-torture.

NOTEABLE MOMENTS:  Damon and Debra have been a part of each other’s minds and souls since she was barely 18 months old. At age 4-1/2 (1980) he achieves mental link for the first time with Debra age 1-1/2. First rights taken between Damon (age 19) and Debra (age16). Now as adults, Damon considers himself already married to Debra.

Damon conceived by virus-infected parents in 1976 and shows a higher level of immunity to earth’s atmosphere radiation BUT IS NOT CURED.

Father (Kalon) and mother (Brionna) both members of the original on-land colony and killed by virus. Brionna was one of the first to die. Despair had Kalon almost killing himself if not for the intervention of Trevon. Kalon finally came to his senses and devoted the rest of his energy to Damon and finding a cause for the virus. Kalon died seven months later never knowing why.

At age 5 Damon was still living aboard mother ship when his father died. The two were telepathically linked and the trauma from the abrupt severing left Damon in a coma for three days. He pulled through unharmed but Kalon is still very important to him. You just have to look at the son to know who the father was.

Memories of thousands of probing tests in the lab to understand his connection to Debra and the dream world still has the ability to make his teeth grind in exasperation.

Eron tested and evaluated Damon at age 7 and proclaimed him a Vion. To date, he is the strongest Vion on earth record. But Rowan instinctively feels Debra will eventually be even stronger.

Age 10 (1986) Council of Elders ceremony determines Damon is intended for leadership of House of Bromon and sovereign of earthbound Thalians, while sister Rowan’s abilities has her destined for leadership of medical-science.

Age 18 officially takes up reigns as head of House of Bromon with sole responsibility for decisions and planning for all family and associate members.

Age 22 (1998) Damon succeeds to leadership over all Thalian colonies.

Born aboard Thalian mother ship while orbiting earth; lived on earth almost entire life. He has never seen home planet Thalia — planet far outside earth’s isolated sector. Home world is dying because the planet is slowly losing its orbit bringing it closer to their sun.

Told Edith years after underwater city was built that he chose to use his father’s name in the dream world as a tribute to his memory, because he wanted Debra to get to know the real Damon when the time came for them to meet and not some distorted dream lover image. He loves Edith Bromon like a second mother.

Damon sees Debra as a warrior and life mate, a gifted psyche whose emerging abilities could someday surpass even his own.

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