November 2, 2011

Beneath the Surface – Prologue Part 2

Confusion cleared as awareness chillingly dawned in wide, terrified, pale-blue eyes. An earsplitting scream erupted from the pit of Dorothy’s rebellious bowels, shattering the tomblike quiet of the meticulously clean house. Opposing impulses to flee, to destroy, pumped another surge of adrenaline throughout her body. With an exploding torrent of new strength, Dorothy hurled Debra’s deadweight in a clean arc over her rigid shoulder.

Motionless, the body lay crumpled in the empty corner by the kitchen door, the bloody, swollen face resting at an odd angle to the cool, tiled floor. Reeling, Dorothy slowly sagged onto shaking knees, her body and mind incapable of reaction or reason as she stared in uncertainty at Debra’s dead body.

Inside Debra’s mind, his energy strained almost to the point of permanent damage, Kalon continued to blend his own essence and mental skills with Debra, keeping her life-force anchored to the lifeless shell already beginning to decay on a cellular level. Joined completely as they were, he once again manipulated her inborn abilities to save them both. This time the stakes were too high to fail: re-energize Debra’s dead body within minutes or lose her and the future forever.

Inborn instincts automatically focused their collectively enhanced healing power to the priority fracture in Debra’s neck. At an astounding rate of rejuvenation, Kalon repaired cells and membrane damage to the bones and cartilage encasing the compressed spinal cord. Blood forced its way past the mending injury to the slowly suffocating brain matter in less than a minute. Precious seconds that seemed to hover like hours.

The enormous mental strain pushed Kalon to the brink of burning out, his own death quickly approaching the point of no return.

He didn’t care. His life was a small price to pay to keep her alive. And if Debra truly died this time, then he would gladly die with her.

His strength faltering, he drew heavily from Debra’s inner core in an effort to keep their heart’s beating and blood circulating. Without the blending, or the ability to tap into Debra’s subconscious strength, he never could have managed such a feat as manipulating her body, let alone raising the dead.

Faint at first, he concentrated on the weak, sporadic pulse. And then it came again. And then slowly once more; each beat of her heart growing in strength and rhythm. Kalon cautiously relinquished control. Felt her lungs contract and expand without help, shallowly drawing breath on her own.

Without arms to hold her or lips to kiss away the horror of her pain, Kalon continued to cradle and protect her cataleptic essence with his mind. How he wanted to shout in celebration of life, to cry out his undying love for his beautiful, courageous Debra.

When had friendship changed into something more, he wondered? A need so strong it left him sweating and weak and longing to touch her in reality. Sixteen or not, she belonged to him. They belonged to each other. And never again would he ever allow anyone to abuse her in such a way.

The family would either heed Kalon’s final warning or face the consequences of losing them both forever.

Through enhanced sight Kalon knew Edith was visibly shaken by the alarming call from the family and still minutes away as she followed the speeding ambulance that would return Debra to the private clinic. Neighbors from across the street, well placed watchers for the family, had been notified and waited outside the kitchen door for the order to move in and remove Dorothy for a full mind block this time.

As the sight appraised Kalon of Debra’s broken, disfigured body, her drying blood pooling and splattered about the shiny tiles and painted walls, a fury like nothing he had ever experienced consumed him in an overwhelming wave of cold, murderous hate.

Gone were the passive ideals of intellect over physical force. With every breath in his shaking body, every ingrained principle of moral peace learned from the mind’s of his dead parents, Kalon wanted to pound Dorothy’s existence into dust all over her well-scrubbed floor.

But he was isolated away from reality with only Debra’s broken body in his control. And thoughts of losing her, forever, helped to rein in his vicious emotions.

Temporary madness receded, revealing the calm intellect that would one day serve him well as ruler of the family. There were other ways to express his displeasure for Dorothy while Debra’s consciousness lay comatose and protected within his essence. Their joined mental strength made him as close to omnipotent as mortal beings could get without dying.

Sifting through the implanted natal memory blocks in Debra’s subconscious, Kalon stimulated the dormant kinetic force, a form of energy present in every living thing, and channeled the power through the only path of least resistance and injury.

Enhanced self-healing manipulation drew the blood and swelling from misshapen eyelids faster than was normally possible for either of them alone. Debra’s long lashes twitched and fluttered, suddenly rising upward to reveal red glowing eyes. The demonic orbs stared, unblinking, with malevolent loathing into Dorothy’s huge startled eyes.

Silence filled the sunny kitchen as the older woman’s bladder spontaneously released. The strong smell of urine fouled the air.

Blood still trickled from both nostrils, her mouth dry as though clogged with sand. Dorothy choked on a strangled breath and froze like a helpless child compelled to gawk at the menacing face of evil.

Tiny blue currents of light arced haphazardly between Debra’s long, slender fingers and began a slow intermittent dance across much of her exposed bruised skin.

The steady gaze from incendiary demonic eyes tore painfully through Dorothy’s feeble mental barriers and inflamed nerve endings to simulate sensations of a severe beating with a baseball bat―minus, of course, the advantage of passing out.

Kalon felt his life-force stagger once more. Time to retreat with Debra’s mind to the only place they could be together safely, without strain.

The dream world.

Two quick discharges of kinetic energy fired from Debra’s burning red eyes like twin ionized plasma cannons. And then the moment was erased from her subconscious as though it had never happened. The family was quite adamant that Debra’s gifts develop and emerge at their proper time.

Dorothy crumpled in an unconscious heap into the widening puddle of urine on the tiled floor. Not one bruise marred her small, compact body, inside or out. Only the deeply etched creases of pain and fatigue lay testament to the agony she had suffered. Kalon was determined the memory would remain clear in the woman’s mind for a lifetime.

Dorothy would never hurt Debra again. After the full mind block was implanted, Kalon would make sure she was denied any further direct access to the family and its associates.

With only a simple thought to the dear friends outside, the kitchen door opened and the waiting family watchers quietly entered. The sight let Kalon know the private ambulance and Edith Bromon had arrived to take Debra’s body away to safety until fully healed. Until counseling could undo the emotional trauma that had been done this day. Afterwards, arrangements would be made for Debra to enroll at a secluded boarding school where she would be furtively watched and protected from those with small, judgmental minds.

No further chances would be taken with her life.

As the paramedics gently guided Debra’s body onto the flat-board, Kalon tenderly awoke Debra’s consciousness and pulled her into the familiar sanctuary of the dream world.


  1. Nicely written!

    Comment by Jeyna Grace — November 2, 2011 @ 9:01 am | Reply

    • Hi Jeyna, thanks very much for the words of encouragement. I’m hard at work on tomorrow’s submission. I did stop by your site and was greatly entertained. I love the Harry Potter world 🙂

      Comment by cnwood — November 2, 2011 @ 9:36 am | Reply

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