October 25, 2011

Sketch – Debra and Rowan in the Park

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As reported, Rowan found Debra under the great willow tree, back resting against the wide trunk as long legs stretched out over the neatly trimmed grass. Watching their newest resident to the city, Rowan compared the reality of the younger woman to the impressions she had grown up with through reports and conferences. The image that kept her brother enthralled throughout the years and never at a loss for stories of their time together in the dream world.

A world no one else could create or share.

She was beautiful, Rowan thought, in a wild exotic sort of way. Brown-black hair tied back in a long French braid that draped over a shoulder buried beneath an oversized black sweatshirt. The matching black sweatpants concealed an exceptionally strong, lithe body. Or so Damon often bragged about when telling tales of their regular sparing matches in the dream world.

Moving closer, Rowan recognized the empty stare, the fast heart rate, the palms pressed flat to the ground. Mind-sight, a gift Rowan did not possess, had Debra off on some mental exploration.

Very old memories surfaced, bringing a twinge of shame. Damon had the same mind-sight ability. In fact, he shared a great many of the higher abilities with Debra; like mirror images.

Time had taken away the mean spirited jealousy she had punished Damon with as children for not being as gifted as her younger brother.

A state of mind that was swiftly excised when testing and evaluation revealed her own distinctive gifts in the medical arts. From that moment, her feelings of inadequacy were tossed aside as a waste of time. Today, she was the head of all Thalian medical-science on Earth and a master of healing.

Rowan looked around the spacious, beautiful park, enjoying a rare moment of contentment, and quietly approached Debra sitting under the willow.

The grass would surely play havoc with her white smock and jumpsuit. Rowan sat down beside the newcomer anyway to wait. She wondered what Debra was seeing with the sight. Black eyes closed, letting normal senses see her surroundings. Nostrils flare at the smell of tended soil and fresh-cut grass. The crunch of crushed mountain rock meant someone was on the jogging trail for an early morning run. A bee flew passed her ear and eyes snapped open to watch the tiny creature gather nectar from the plentiful blossoms, then disappear in the direction of the honey posts down by the orchard.

Overhead the crystal lighting rods were duplicating the sun’s intensity up above and increasing the brightness throughout the city. For a moment, Rowan remembered the early morning sunlight peering through the great protective domes on Thalia. The automated sensors changing the clear night filters to opaque before the scorching heat of the day forced everyone below and away from the demoralizing view of the arid wastelands beyond.

“Have you news about Damon?”

Rowan yelped, her heart galloping in her chest for a handful of seconds before returning to normal. “Bloody hell, Debra,” she gasped. “That’ll teach me to daydream.”

Each stared at the other, suddenly unsure what to say.


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