October 22, 2011

Sketch – Buried Memories Unfold

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(Timeline: Debra has explored the underwater city; Damon has confronted her with the truth)

Dawn burst in an explosion of pure white light between twin peaks rising like sacred steeples high above the mountain range. Curled up in the thickly cushioned wicker chair, Debra sat alone on the spacious veranda and watched the velvet blackness of night hasten from the early morning sky. The splendor of color and light seemed surreal as mist rose from the ground to fuse with rainbow refractions from the orchard glass house and the hundreds of crystal teardrops that hung throughout the garden.

Her nostrils flared with each deep breath of clean freshly turned soil and trim green grass. Tired eyes roamed the bluff, taking in the morning dew clinging like jewels to intricate webs and nearby leaves and flower petals.

Here, on the surface, was where she belonged. Letting this moment of peaceful beauty fill her senses with some measure of comfort.

Damon’s shocking words and haunting images continued to pound through her mind. Instincts that were never wrong shouted that his words were truth. And finally with that acceptance, Debra lost herself and what little identity she had come to rely on over the years.

Alone on the veranda, surrounded by the soft summer night, Debra had opened herself to emerging Thalian memories and let a new reality take control of her senses. And by the first sliver of light in the eastern sky, Thalia and its ill-fated cloud cities had become as real to her as the history of Earth.

Once a great nation of genetic telepaths, the Thalian race had eventually splintered into two powerful legislative bodies: those unwilling to believe in the reported death of their world as predicted by the distinguished scientific House of Bromon; and those who sacrificed everything to discover compatible new worlds that offered survival and a future for those willing to risk the unknown.

Hundreds of delegation fleets carried thousands of men, women, and children from each supporting lineage House and their associate families—the elite in technology, medical science, agriculture, and craftsmen. All who stood the best chance of securing a strong foothold in a new world.

Thousands from the House of Bromon waited their turn to leave, building new ships, scrounging for resources, documenting Thalia’s orbit and decay, and reaching out to any who would listen and save themselves. Their ranks were thin, even if disciplined and willing; aging craftsmen, trainees, scholars, the optimistic who waited for the signal from their designated worlds before saying goodbye to Thalia forever.

And now Thalian survival on Earth was uncertain. While the fate of hundreds of other fleets throughout the galaxy remained unknown. Thirty-six years was a long time to wait on a dying planet for a signal that might never come.


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