October 20, 2011

Sketch – Cat and Mouse in the Entrance Chamber

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Completely protected behind full mental barriers, Debra’s warrior persona calmly waited behind the last broad column before the paneled wall. Her normal senses were now heightened, reaching out like radar, zeroing in on the intruder.

Quickly the mind sorted all the bits of incoming data to create a mental picture.

Heavy footfalls resonated inside the entrance chamber, approaching from the glass corridor. Debra guessed a tall male, alone, judging by the widely spaced distinctive steps. The rustle of clothing was difficult to hear over the playful splash of the water fountain. But she could easily imagine a flowing black robe billowing briskly about the intruders’ long legs.

The footsteps abruptly halted, the scuff of shoes turning slowly, this way and that, as she pictured him glancing down aisle ways, listening.

He was looking for her. She could feel it.

The footsteps resumed, calmly now, as though the need to hurry no longer existed. Heightened hearing followed his route along the far aisle where he deliberately turned to the right and paused by the fountain, the water smacking loudly against his open palm.

Eyes widened in surprise. He was playing with her, his cat to her mouse. She could almost see his arrogant smile and thought of Damon, Edith’s friend and accomplice at mind incursion.

The thud of heel against stone drew closer to the main aisle running parallel to the airlock wall. Debra flinched at the unexpected reverberating clang from a hanging chime; no doubt letting her know just how close he was getting.

The bastard.

As though intentionally, a lone robed figure stepped into the spacious aisle and stopped by the sealed airlock. The cowled head was slightly dipped, shading his face in deep shadows. Beneath the loosely hanging cloak she spied a trim waist and long firm legs in tight fitting riding pants and glossy knee-high boots.

There were horses down here?

Debra had trouble imagining a horse willing to undergo the trip beneath the lake, no matter how pleasant or harmless the ride.

The stranger’s wide stance spoke of strength and arrogance. From her secluded position, she avoided staring to elude any chance of alerting his senses to her location.

In silence they waited on the other to make a move.

He was only one against her strength and abilities. Debra calculated the odds of reasoning with his mind or physically taking him out for several hours and continuing her clandestine tour of the underwater complex.

Yet instinct told her this one would not go down easy. She shifted tactics and prepared to confront him with defensive negotiations.


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