October 19, 2011

Sketch – Vacation from Hell

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At nineteen, Debra accidentally catches herself on video camera during a black rage while on a short trip to Miami; a much needed holiday that quickly turns into the vacation from hell.

First the air-conditioning in the rental car stops working once she’s out of range to conveniently return the vehicle for another. Then still fifty miles from her hotel the car breaks down completely, leaving her stranded on a lonely stretch of highway in the sweltering heat for three hours before the company arrives with another car and canned apologies.

And even though she notifies the hotel of her predicament and late arrival, her beautiful suite with a waterfront view is mistakenly given to another and Debra has to be satisfied with a complimentary fruit basket and a single room overlooking the side parking lot and flamingo pond.

Drained, exasperated, and unable to face the small, depressing room, Debra stands on the tiny balcony, her mind completely blocked to the world around her. Tired eyes stare unseeing at the famous pink birds through the camera’s swivel-viewer.

Weakness sets in almost the moment the tremors start, giving her little time to hang the do-not-disturb sign, lock the room, and toss the camera, still running, onto the bureau across from the bed.

It’s the perfect end to an already disastrous day.

Her last rational thought before becoming completely incapacitated is to wish the bastards in hotel management a trashed room, compliments of the black rage.

Five days later she wakes to find the bedspread scorched black where her body has lain. Hotel security is in the final stages of busting down the double-locked door, and a doctor and a nurse from the school are outside in the hall claiming a medical emergency. The forgotten camera is hastily shoved in her unpacked suitcase and Debra is quickly hustled down to the waiting private ambulance. Exhausted after her ordeal, she manages to sleep the entire way back to Virginia.

Two weeks later, and camera batteries recharged, Debra witnesses for the first time the unholy creature she becomes during a rage. She burns the video tape after just one viewing and tells no one except Kalon.


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