October 16, 2011

Sketch – Debra Recovering from Near Death

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The distant sound was persistent and annoying. A regular chirping beep that pulled Debra from oblivion into a small room with white walls and ceiling, white bedding and starched drapes. She could hear the afternoon rain splattering softly against the window pane. Could hear traffic moving on the busy street outside her room.

She knew it was early afternoon by her internal sensing. A skill she took for granted because the ability had always been there and always right. Something to do with the way her mind absorbed and processed and never forgot anything that happened around her, awake or asleep.

Debra erected mental barriers that tuned out the female voices at the nurse’s station down the hall. Shut out the nearby beeping life support machines monitoring feeble breaths and medicated pain levels.

The clinic, Debra sighed, breathing as best she could with three fractured ribs. Her home away from Dorothy and the dream world.

She was back in reality, having let Kalon talk her into another promise to try again and live for both of them. But only because he guaranteed there would be no more Dorothy.

Instinct warned her not to move. The damage to her body was extensive this time. Healing would take at least several weeks, possibly a month with all the internal injuries. The drain on her system would require several more weeks after that to recover from the self-healing process.

Not that she was complaining about her abilities. Her unique skills would heal her body without scar tissue, muscle damage, or loss of strength. But first she had to let the manmade drugs dissipated from her system.

All she could do now was wait.

Puffy eyes tried unsuccessfully to focus on the mounted monitor beside the narrow bed. Color pulsed with each chirping beep, the numbers meaning nothing even if she could see them.

Slowly, Debra splayed fingers from her unbound hand over the white blanket. Immediately the sight revealed what crippled physical senses could not.

A piteous, choked whimper filtered softly through wired jaws.

She saw herself, lying flat on the bed, the top slightly raised, her bandaged face and head cradled by soft pillows; an unrecognizable lump of bruises and bandages. Debra sucked a painful breath down her parched throat. Bags of IV fluid and drugs dripped steadily through a needle taped to the back of her splayed hand. Heavy white plaster covered her left arm from bruised knuckles to just below the shoulder. A bulky white brace kept her neck and head immobile.

She sensed the pain lurking beneath the sedatives. Realized the medication had been ordered until she was stronger. Until she was able to suppress and self-heal at the same time.

Another prolonged sigh filled the lonely little room.

Resigned to a lengthy hospital stay, Debra relaxed, letting her mind float down through layers of consciousness, and found Kalon waiting to take her home.

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