October 15, 2011

Sketch – Relationship Between Debra and Dorothy

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Somewhere over the years, hate and dread had replaced a daughter’s love and respect for the woman who had given her life. Her mother. The vile word was like acid on her tongue and rarely spoken, let alone tucked like some precious endearment in her heart.

Debra harbored no laughing memories of tender hugs and kisses. Just angry shouts and punishing fists. More time had been spent locked in her bedroom than all the hours she had attended public schools put together. She would have been a high school dropout had Edith not convinced Dorothy of the advantages of a home computer and online schooling.

Had Dorothy realized the educational site Debra used to eventually achieve her general equivalency diploma was run by the same people she had run from, the neighborhood would have been shocked by a murder-suicide; left to gossip as to what the hell had set the Hall woman off to commit such a despicable thing.

Dorothy Angela Hall, widowed, paranoid, yet with surprising strength in her lean, compact body, had long ago closed out life’s possibilities and lived in dread of the world beyond her own mind.

And at age 44, what Dorothy Hall feared most was her sixteen year old daughter. Of being hunted; of dying horribly like those she once knew.

It’s why she ran from the family a decade ago. Sneaking away that stormy night, Debra drugged and carefully bundled in a large duffle bag stuffed with a few clothes and some cash. Terrified of being found and brainwashed again, she had headed east and not stopped until she had gone from one side of the country to the other. Until her back was to the Atlantic Ocean and she could go no further.

Except for rare visits from Edith and monthly phone calls, the family left them alone. No ultimatums to return to the fold. No one watching their every move. After months of vigilance, Dorothy collapsed in exhausted tears, grateful that the evil had been left behind . . . never realizing, until too late, that the evil had traveled with them in Debra.

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