October 13, 2011

Structures – Edith’s Residence

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Bromon Peninsula on Crystal Lake, Washington State–a jutting bluff that Edith inherits from her husband’s Thalian family six months after Trevon’s death. Time and money is lavishly spent over the years transforming the heavily overgrown bluff into a paradise to his memory. From the bluff is a clear view across to the towering cliffs, just over a mile away, where only trees are visible as black silhouettes standing tall and silent and protecting secrets.

Her home is a triple-wide mobile home that resembles a contemporary white villa; white awnings shading small roadside windows; purple, pink, and blue clematis vines entwine with thick green ivy along white lattice fencing and cling to uprights and horizontal supports along the three-sided full-length veranda.

The deck has an undisturbed view of the gardens and lake. Cobblestones line the carport and wide walkways surround the home, the patterned bricks meander off in the peninsula’s spacious rock gardens and tiered flowerbeds. Pathways are well lit at night. Solar outdoor lighting along all the pathways, and there are hundreds of crystal teardrops hanging throughout the garden.

A three-foot high hedge borders the bluff (very steep incline, over 30 feet down to the beach). Deeply cut stone steps with a stone landing at the top creates a shortcut from the isolated neck of land to the beach below. Lots of rocks and large boulders are strewn across the beach around the bluff. Main beach is mostly clear except for a few smaller rock groupings and one giant bolder that hides the crystal batons.

At the very tip of the peninsula stand the dwarf trees (apple, cherry, plum, pear, peach), affectionately known as The Orchard, and are sheltered by an enormous glass greenhouse. Trevon’s ashes were scattered throughout the orchard when the trees were first planted 15 years ago (2004 timeline). A nightly ritual was started at that time by Edith, of walking out to the orchard; every night just before darkness she strolls out to the orchard and talks about her day with Trevon, maybe seeking his guidance about a worrisome problem that’s had her up nights pacing the floor.

Like Edith, her home is open, classy, and welcoming. The color scheme is earth tones in shades of greens, blues, beiges and browns. Silk wallpaper and distinctive furnishings reflect richly in the curtainless glass wall (huge glass panes from floor to cathedral ceiling; the glass wall faces the lake (western wall adjoining covered veranda). The dining and living areas are a joined open space known as the great room. Three bedrooms–master with in suite bathroom (Edith), spare back bedroom with in suite bathroom (Debra) and office/den on near side of Debra’s room; extra wide hallway leads from great room, passed the kitchen and mud room (utilities, laundry, side door to the veranda) and shared bathroom and down to the office/den and bedrooms.

Veranda is ten feet wide and surrounds the home on three sides, except the carport side. Furnishing/fixtures include white wicker chairs with flower-print deep cushions; glass-top wicker table; bamboo shades that can be rolled up or let down; solar lamps attached to spaced upright posts along deck; nearby roses, potted geraniums and scented sweet peas; indoor/outdoor green carpeting; tinted glass roof over veranda (large glass panels like skylights; intertwining vines of flowering clematis and broadleaf ivy.

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