October 12, 2011

Thalian – Background History

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Thalia and its ill-fated cloud cities are dying because the planet is slowly losing its orbit bringing it closer to their sun.

Once a great nation of psychic telepaths, the Thalian race has splintered into two powerful legislative bodies for the last three hundred years.  1. Those who don’t believe the scientific evidence and the end-of-the-world predictions by the distinguished scientific House of Bromon. 2. Those of the Bromon family and all its associate families and friends who do believe the predictions and sacrifice all to discover compatible new worlds that offer survival and a future for those Thalians willing to take a chance on the unknown.

The priority has been the overwhelming need to find a new place to live. For almost two hundred years large fleets of small scout ships have been built and sent out to different quadrants of the galaxy, searching for habitable planets. In the meantime, massive deep space voyage ships were slowly being built then sent out to explore from orbit the different potential planets reported. The House of Bromon has long ago given up trying to get the other Houses (clans) to prepare for evacuation. But when the affects of the nearing sun starts to make people sick and kills the land and forces those in the cloud cities to abandon their homes and way of life, the nonbelievers accept the truth and a staggering telepathic cry goes up for the House of Bromon to share their ships and resources. As sovereign of the House of Bromon, Kalon (Damon/Rowan’s father) calms the masses by sharing knowledge, target planets, and delegating House sovereigns to organize manpower for creating a livable tunnel/cavern system below ground, the building of gigantic domes over the tunnel openings to preserve as much of the ecosystem as possible, and gets several of the other Houses started building their own deep space voyage ships.

Kalon’s fleet comes to earth (cloaked ships by channeling the ship’s kinetic energy into a concealing field around the ship) with advanced technology in the hopes of quietly infiltrating human society without alarming the population (fleets under other sovereigns attempt the same infiltration on other planets). Hundreds of huge ships carry thousands from each supporting lineage House and their associate families–the elite in technology, medical science, agriculture, and craftsmen. Thousands are still left behind and continue building new ships for those remaining, documenting the orbits decay, scrounging to gather all the needed resources for the trip. Personnel for the last remaining ships are comprised of experienced elderly craftsmen, trainees, scholars, and the optimistic who wait for the beacon signals from their designated worlds before saying goodbye to Thalia forever.

The original on-land colony was built in the northwest section of Lincoln County, Montana. It was more than a town but not an unmanageable sprawling city either. Some of the architecture caused quite a stir in the nearby towns where people were used to square boxes and poor quality craftsmanship. The town was beautiful, clean, and provided the best of everything for the colonists. But within a couple of years the original colonists started getting sick, then dying, until not one was left. Every contingency was planned for, vaccinations against all know human diseases, languages learned, customs incorporated into their own lives, everything except the weakening ozone layer. The space radiation that filtered through thin areas of the ozone layer was making more humans sick every day, making super strains of bacteria and viruses that were impervious to known vaccines. For Thalians the radiation is deadly.

The town was completely dismantled and work quickly began on the underwater mother city, Tantria, at Crystal Lake, Washington State. Cloaking and teleportation devices are used to conceal their presence, and five deep space voyage ships are slowly dismantled and used to create the underwater cities. Deep water protects the Thalians from the virus. After the mother city is completed, four other underwater cities around the world are built making Earth home to all Thalians imprisoned in the underwater cities.

Now Thalian survival on Earth remains uncertain: the original colonists are all dead and Thalians can’t live above ground; of the original 50 bi-human children, only Debra remains and all are wondering if Shari’s Syndrome will take her like all the rest; only 14 second-generation bi-human children remain alive and are kept safe in the underwater mother city because they have no protection against the virus and no child has lived to see puberty; Thalians can’t mate between themselves because space and resources are limited in the underwater city; any Thalian children born below are not immune to the atmosphere virus above.

The fate of the other fleets scattered throughout the galaxy is unknown. For those left on Thalia, it’s been thirty-six years since the last ships left with the promise to send for them. A long time to wait on a dying planet for a beacon signal that might never come.

(Beneath the Surface begins after the underwater cities are well established on Earth and Debra is 16 years old)

Miscellaneous Notes: There’s not a person in the city who wasn’t touched in some way by the deaths of the original 32 on-land colonists; a staggering tragedy that emotionally affected many.

Most of the underwater city’s populations was born en route/orbit and have lived on earth most of their lives. All Thalians on Earth are of the House of Bromon.

Communication in underwater cities is done verbally and through the com-link system (com-system) instead of using telepathy because most Thalians have lived with humans almost their entire lives. They’ve adapted many of earth’s customs, especially in ways of communication, for when the time comes to go above. Private life is a blending of the two forms of discourse (oral/mental)

Average height for most Thalian males is 6’3” to 6’7”; excellent musculature but not muscle bound. Average height for most Thalian females is 6’ with slender well-rounded curves.

All full-blooded Thalians have black hair, eyebrows, and eyes, with varying degrees of lighter and darker golden-colored skin.

It’s a myth that a Thalian child’s abilities starts small and increases in strength as they learn and grow.  Surprisingly many are strong mentally from the moment their abilities become active and are taught through parental bonding and training how to use their skills and psychic protocols for politeness and privacy.


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