October 11, 2011

Thalian Profile – Rowan Bromon

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Rowan Bromon

Master of Medical-Science (healing and research)

Trained observer/Master Storyteller

Several degrees in human/Thalian psychology

Trained by Eron in several disciplines of mind linking and melding

Age 32 (2004)

Born April 14, 1972, earth’s orbit aboard Thalian mother ship


Strong resemblance to Damon (younger brother)

6′ tall, rounded lush figure and well proportioned.

Bangs cover a high intelligent forehead; golden skin and narrow arched brows. Waist-length hair, coal black and glossy, hangs in a thick straight swathe from a Bromon insignia clip at the nape of her slender neck.

Clear black eyes dominate a flawless oval face; wide full mouth; long tapered fingers.

PSYCHIC ABILITIES:  Touch-healer, empathic healer, telepathy, empathic Master of medical-science — is an outstanding touch healer; gathers insight into people and animals through the sensitive nerve-endings in her fingers and palms and trusts her intuitive impressions gained through years of experience and heightened perceptions of normal senses.

For a deeper internal look into patient, hands are rubbed together until skin warms and tingles, until she can feel a thin cushion of energy pushing against her fingers. Standard approach is to brush fingertips over forehead and the other hand is centered over heart.

No mind-sight , touch-sensing, or several other abilities shared by Debra and Damon.

NOTEABLE MOMENTS:  head of medical-science at age 27; received status as Master of medical-science age 26. Took most of her life to achieve that status which includes all healing disciplines (touch, empathic, etc.)

As the only other remaining immediate Bromon heir, Rowan is second in command to Damon (pre-approved by city council). Should something happen to Damon, Rowan would have the choice of stepping down as head of medical-science for the position of sovereign or refuse sovereignty in favor of her current position and incur a general election for a new sovereign (Manton would be next in line by mutual consent of Damon and Rowan, but would still need to be tested and approved by the council). If Manton declines or died in an accident before succeeding as sovereign and designating a successor, candidates from all the Thalian cities would be submitted by each city’s council of elders to be tested by the mother city’s council of elders until one was selected as the new sovereign.

Possible Scene: Debra unconsciously attacks when Rowan tries to wake her for her physical — Debra’s fingers automatically clamp tightly around Rowan’s bare wrist (inborn autonomic defenses always on guard); squeezing strength and fiery heat brings Rowan to her knees in shocking pain. Debra’s demonic red eyes glare at her with startling menace. Once awake, Debra is mortified when she recognizes Damon’s sister; senses signal no danger present, and she stops her attack immediately and takes Rowan’s injured wrist between her hands and instinctively takes all the trauma and pain into herself (her first conscious time using empathic healing on another). For Rowan the pain eases almost instantly. She watches cells and tissue heal with an intensity that makes the wrist skin better than new. No endorphins flood her bloodstream to stem pain or induce healing. In seconds her arm is completely normal.  For Debra, her wrist is burnt with raw sores that slowly repair from the inside out until completely healed in seconds.

Possible Scene: First melding with Debra turns disastrous when an old re-occurring nightmare has Debra’s superior strength accidentally locking both of them in the realism of the nightmare. Rowan is unable to break the meld and silently calls out to the only one who can help her in time, the man she’s been secretly bonded to for 14 years. Rowan feels the first strike (Debra’s killing power), the mind-numbing acid burn in her arm (where Debra has unknowingly grabbed her) as the heart in her chest burst violently apart in exploding tissue and blood. Pinned to Debra’s side by a grip that threatens to break bones, Rowan can only shield her mind against the bursts of energy that have blood filling her eyes like tears and seeping from pores like sweat. Healing instincts anesthetize brain matter and tissue and she floods her body with coagulants and painkillers to stem the hemorrhaging and racking agony that’s pounding her nervous system.

Rowan’s memories of Thalia:  (these memories are shared with Debra during first melding).  Seeing images of Thalia from space looking small, vulnerable, and very brown. The few remaining cloud cities, still beautiful on their towering struts, with metal platforms miles wide of earth and glass and rising from lakes long ago turned to sand. Beneath their protective domes few remain to welcome the sun each day or are high enough to avoid the stench and dust of the wastelands below. Paradise has changed into sealed domed parks over tunneled underground caverns filled with families and communities slowly succumbing to the lack of space and sunshine. Dying a little each day from shrinking resources and the ability to repair while the best materials and minds produce ships that set course for an unknown freedom. All except those left waiting behind.
Feels Debra’s healing skill is the precision work of a master; a healer of the highest order.

Has seen firsthand that, at least internally, Debra does not have the same weaknesses as the other original bi-human children. Why?

Is convinced Debra has strength of will and determined courage against the brutality of her youth and the emotional-psychic struggle to survive the ruthless blending of two diverse species. Feels Debra has the strength and instinctive aptitude for stepping fearlessly into the unknown—Debra’s early blunders are because she simply doesn’t know any better. Thalian training in the use of her abilities will take care of that.

As a youngster, jealousy of Damon’s numerous higher abilities made her mean spirited toward Damon–a state of mind that was swiftly excised by Eron when testing and evaluation revealed her distinctive gifts in medical arts. From that moment, training as a young adult and healer became her focus and feelings of inadequacy were tossed aside as a waste of time.

Is aware that Damon loves Debra more than life itself; an emotional bonding that could someday impair his formidable mental strength and judgment.

MISCELLANEOUS NOTES:  Older sister to Damon by four years. No other siblings or immediate family.

Although born 10 months after orbit established around earth, Rowan has memories (possibly parental) of Thalia’s early morning sun peering through the park domes before the scorching heat of the day made the protected environments unbearably humid and difficult to breath in. Before the massive clear domes were blocked to reduce the brutal heat and demoralizing view of the surrounding arid wastelands.

She explains to Debra: there is no way to cram a million years of Thalian doctrine into your human psyche in a single day, even when the awakening ceremony is done properly. But your Thalian heritage is within you and all Thalian customs and beliefs are closely tied to a dying planet and the truth behind our existence. Thalians are a very pragmatic race with time honored rituals and ceremonies that are steeped in practical rationale. If you truly want to learn, then take advantage of the teachings from the Masters and Grand Masters ready to help you.


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