October 10, 2011

Human Profile – Edith Bromon

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Edith Suzanne Bromon

Age 51 (2004)

Born May 9, 1953


Currently residing Crystal Lake, WA

Originally born and raised Kalispell, Montana.

Dorothy Hall – older sister by two years.

Debra Hall – niece/daughter.

5’9” tall; still strikingly robust–tall and resilient like so many from her family; looks many years younger than actual age; ocean-blue eyes; cap of short silver curls very flattering to her face; strong Slavic-descent cheekbones; full lips; callused hands from gardening-yard work.

PERSONAL STATISTICS:  doting aunt/remarkably tolerant about Debra’s screw-ups and life in general. Has a tendency to twirl diamond stud in right ear when nervous. Excellent cook, famous for her fruit pies and tarts and sweet iced teas.

Totally devoted to dead husband’s memory and Thalian family. Debra has always known Edith to be her aunt but in truth Edith is actually her mother. Edith an emotional wreck when Trevon died. By the time she recovered, Debra well established with her sister and brother-in-law, Dorothy and Jeff.

Over the years Edith has matured into a strong leader, loved by all, never remarried, can be a bit of a maverick where Debra is concerned. Has managed to talk her way past her sister’s paranoia to remain he Debra’s life.

Rituals and keepsakes are of great importance to Edith’s peace of mind, as are memories. Always bringing up past families, dreams and small treasures, the laughter and love lost.

Graduated high school, Kalispell. Earned 2-year associates degree at community college, but did nothing with it. No further education.

PSYCHIC ABILITIES:  empathic abilities—able to read thoughts, feelings, emotions. Limited ability to transfer someone’s pain (physical or emotional) to herself to help them heal.

Ability to close mind against Debra’s ability to probe. Has to keep her mind closed to Debra because her abilities are too powerful and spontaneous. Debra’s Thalian heritage has to remain secret to protect all of them until the awakening ceremony.

NOTEABLE MOMENTS:  very rocky relationship with Dorothy due to her constant paranoia and ill treatment toward Debra.

A dubious four-year truce between Edith and Dorothy shattered when Debra 16 almost beaten to death by Dorothy (caused by Debra telling Edith about some of her abilities).

When Edith and Trevon married, her status as human made her last name more influential than the first family. But when Trevon died of the virus she had her last name legally changed to Bromon as a way of keeping him close, of keeping his memory alive.

Edith (age23) and Dorothy (age 25) met Kalon and Trevon at a seminar for psychics in Kalispell, Montana in 1976. Edith was looking for a place to fit in. Dorothy had come along to supervise baby sister; was always acting like Edith’s mother.

Edith found the Thalian people beautiful, intelligent, and very resourceful. Thalian children call her Auntie E.

Has known about Debra’s black rages since they started but never seen one before Debra’s black rage nearly destroys half of her home.

With Damon’s help Edith uses the mediation globe to plant suggestions in Debra’s subconscious to motivate her to come to Edith.

Ruthie and 14 other children live at Crystal Lake; they have a rare illness, and nothing conventional can be done for them; they need Debra to come home so she can help them.

Goes against the elders, not to mention established medical protocol, and tells Debra the truth about why she felt compelled to come to Crystal lake; Damon is furious with her.

Ruthie dies the night that Debra arrives, the night she meets Damon for the first time in reality, the night she hears some of Edith’s thoughts and emotions for the first time in her life.

Best friend for years is Naomi Taylor; Naomi is utterly reliable to Edith; quick to laugh and even quicker to lend a hand or defend what she considered hers. Has carefully tucked Edith under her protection ever since their chance meeting in Kalispell, Montana 28 years ago. Although not blood related they have chosen each other as sisters, indulgent of the other’s strengths and weaknesses with unconditional acceptance. Naomi is the more aggressive and outspoken of the two. Her daunting rowdy tactics never stopped Edith from perceiving the caring, generous heart beneath the gruff Amazon exterior. When Trevon died Naomi practically lived at the bluff house and hospital until Edith could cope again. Arrives in Kalispell, Montana 1976 age 26, three years older than Edith.

Married  Trevon 1978, widowed 1981 and never remarried or seriously dated another man.

MISCELLANEOUS NOTES:  IMPORTANT POSSESSIONS– Black Lover’s Box (wedding gift from Trevon): carved squares of black wood interlock across lid and sides; smells of polish and flower petals; padded ocean-blue silk drapes the custom-made pedestals that protectively cradle a palm-size mediation globe and oblong ancient crystal pendant with gold filigree setting and matching chain. Box is kept locked and opens by small key on gold chain around Edith’s neck.


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