October 8, 2011

Thalian Profile – Damon Bromon

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Damon Bromon

Head of the House of Bromon after the death of his parents.

Specializes in medical-science / technology.

Current leader or sovereign of the Thalian nation on earth.

Tantria — underwater city, Crystal Lake, WA

Age 28, November 10, 1976.

Born in orbit around earth aboard mother ship.


6’3″ tall in bare feet; golden skin tone; wide shoulders, flat stomach; black eyes, large hands, well-shaped fingers; shoulder-length black hair swept dramatically back from forehead; bold cheekbones, square rugged jaw line; handsome, arrogant, thoroughly male. Deep soothing voice; has a stately presence.

PSYCHIC ABILITIES:  Self healing (mind-healing); telepathy; levitation; telekinetic; mind-sight; power channeling (controlled shallow energy bursts through a controlled exit i.e. fingertips to render someone temporarily unconscious).

KILLING POWER — is actually kinetic energy channeled through the body to create an energy field to use as a cloaking aura or highly focused in a concussive burst that can disable and kill. Thalians control the density of the field, the brightness, the area covered, or the power intensity. All Thalians have the ability to channel energy, but only a very small percentage have the strength to kill (i.e. Damon and Debra).

Should Damon become unconscious while above the cloaking field would collapse allowing the virus to begin cell erosion.

MANNERISMS / HABITS:  arrogant, commanding, in control, yet totally devoted to the children and his people. When troubled or preoccupied has a tendency to put his hands in trouser pockets.

Natural born leader; one of the most powerful psychic minds in centuries.

Damon always described the dream world as an alternate plane of existence, not something in his mind, not some presence taking over his thoughts, but a real place where he had a life with Debra. But he knew one day Debra would come home to them, to him. His sister, Rowan, feels the last couple of years were hard and very frustrating for Damon, with the dream world becoming a form of self-torture.

NOTEABLE MOMENTS:  Damon and Debra have been a part of each other’s minds and souls since she was barely 18 months old. At age 4-1/2 (1980) he achieves mental link for the first time with Debra age 1-1/2. First rights taken between Damon (age 19) and Debra (age16). Now as adults, Damon considers himself already married to Debra.

Damon conceived by virus-infected parents in 1976 and shows a higher level of immunity to earth’s atmosphere radiation BUT IS NOT CURED.

Father (Kalon) and mother (Brionna) both members of the original on-land colony and killed by virus. Brionna was one of the first to die. Despair had Kalon almost killing himself if not for the intervention of Trevon. Kalon finally came to his senses and devoted the rest of his energy to Damon and finding a cause for the virus. Kalon died seven months later never knowing why.

At age 5 Damon was still living aboard mother ship when his father died. The two were telepathically linked and the trauma from the abrupt severing left Damon in a coma for three days. He pulled through unharmed but Kalon is still very important to him. You just have to look at the son to know who the father was.

Memories of thousands of probing tests in the lab to understand his connection to Debra and the dream world still has the ability to make his teeth grind in exasperation.

Eron tested and evaluated Damon at age 7 and proclaimed him a Vion. To date, he is the strongest Vion on earth record. But Rowan instinctively feels Debra will eventually be even stronger.

Age 10 (1986) Council of Elders ceremony determines Damon is intended for leadership of House of Bromon and sovereign of earthbound Thalians, while sister Rowan’s abilities has her destined for leadership of medical-science.

Age 18 officially takes up reigns as head of House of Bromon with sole responsibility for decisions and planning for all family and associate members.

Age 22 (1998) Damon succeeds to leadership over all Thalian colonies.

Born aboard Thalian mother ship while orbiting earth; lived on earth almost entire life. He has never seen home planet Thalia — planet far outside earth’s isolated sector. Home world is dying because the planet is slowly losing its orbit bringing it closer to their sun.

Told Edith years after underwater city was built that he chose to use his father’s name in the dream world as a tribute to his memory, because he wanted Debra to get to know the real Damon when the time came for them to meet and not some distorted dream lover image. He loves Edith Bromon like a second mother.

Damon sees Debra as a warrior and life mate, a gifted psyche whose emerging abilities could someday surpass even his own.


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