October 6, 2011

Thalian – Customs

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AWAKENING CEREMONY:  a mind linking (mind meld) procedure performed by Council Elders (medically supervised) on a first generation bi-human woman on her 25th birthday. A necessary ritual releasing buried memories and abilities from the subconscious suppressor and integrate with the conscious part of the psyche.

Human and Thalian research confirms that a human female body is emotionally and physically at its peak of health at age 25 and offers the best chance for conception and birth of a bi-species child.

Prepares the brain to integrate the Thalian and human halves of the psyche. Ceremony naturally and logically reveals the truth about her heritage, Thalian and human, and prepares her for her future life and the reasons for bonding (marriage) as soon as possible.

Awakening ceremony was unable to stabilize the mental problems of the first 49 bi-children. Each in their own way died either by accident or suicide.

FAREWELL:  (takes place at the marble funeral altar on the Common) Thalian funeral service–usually accompanied by the soft strains from a musical group of flutes. Participants wear long black cloaks with hoods.

The deceased is encased in an oblong sphere that rests on the altar and radiates an aura like blue sunlight.

Black-cloaked figures approach the shrine one at a time, heads bowed, and touch the sphere taking a small residual piece of the deceased. By the time the last person has touched the sphere the blue glow has faded away to nothing (an inner shadow plays along the opaque walls of the lifeless sphere as it rests alone on the funeral alter).

FIRST RIGHTS:  laws of first rights simple and clear–once mated (claimed and taken) the Heart of the Talisman can be presented (marriage) and the bonding journey begins. Technically, the couple can be considered married, if they choose, once first rights have been taken.

Thalians are not a physically sexually active race until after marriage due to their ability to achieve all forms of mental intimacy with willing partners.

FAMILY HIERARCHY:  Thalians don’t utilize a patriarchal system where the wife takes the husband’s last name. Their society is based more on a clan or lineage house structure with all those in the immediate or first family allowed to use the house name.

Distant relatives or associate families use the more influential family name in a marriage whether it belongs to the husband or the wife. But all members are ‘of the House’. In the case of the House of Bromon, all members are ‘of Bromon’. Each member is extremely loyal to their House and pool whatever abilities or vocation expertise for the prosperity of the family as a whole.

SOCIETAL HIERARCHY:  The Sovereign is the leader of the Thalian nation on earth. Any decisions regarding Thalian policies or procedures are called legislative protocols and require a majority vote by the Council of Elders before being authorized by the sovereign.

The sovereign can override a protocol approved by the Council after showing just cause or in cases of extreme emergency.

Associate administrators run the four other Thalian cities worldwide under their own administrative policies and country’s customs. However ALL Thalians follow authorized protocols no matter what city they live in and look to the mother city, Tantria, for answers to conflicts, new proposals, and a solution to their survival on earth.

STANDARD PROTOCOLS:  All medication must be requested through the dispensary on third level–NO EXCEPTIONS.

All residents are responsible for keeping their quarters clean.

CURRENCY–residents of Tantria do not use money for ANY food or goods but do use an internal online banking system as a way of conditioning and training themselves for the day they live above. Every month their account (accessed through the bank key on com-link terminal) is credited with an amount that is established by the administrative office. Anything to be ‘purchased’ will have a credit amount that is deducted from individual’s account. Residents encouraged to live within their designated budget as practice for living up top. However, no individual is ever denied anything they need.

The city is self-sustaining. Everything needed or wanted can be made by Thalian craftsmen. Some of the products are different than earth standards but they serve the same function and in many cases are far superior for health and basic needs.

Protocols of Conduct are followed during all mind links and melding, and if disregarded in any way is considered a violation–a serious charge requiring reevaluation, reparation to the individual or family, and several hours of study through a meld with council of elders. Such occurrences are very rare.


120 personnel per shift — 3/3 split

4 shifts per day — each shift 6 hours

Rotating 3/3 shift — 3 hours city rounds and on-duty call; 3 hours sensor monitoring in the Hub

6am (0600) to 12pm (1200) senior staff MORNING SHIFT

12pm (1200) to 6pm (1800) AFTERNOON SHIFT

6pm (1800) to 12am (2400) EVENING SHIFT

12am (2400) to 6am (0600) MIDNIGHT SHIFT


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