October 5, 2011

Structures – Crystal Lake Acres

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Crystal Lake Acres – Adult Mobile Home Living, reads the large billboard sign at the entrance to the mobile home park.

The lake and a thousand acres of surrounding land purchased in April 1982; mobile home park established to assist with concealing the underwater city and its alien inhabitants (underwater city, Tantria, completed Jan. 1984 and open to human park helpers in Oct. 1984)

Gravel shoulders along old no. 2 highway, a two-lane mountain thoroughfare that joins the west side of Washington State to the east.

LOCATION:  Crystal Lake, Town of Crystal Ridge on the Cascade Mountain Range in Washington State.

Currently 300 park residents, 197 mobile homes.

MISCELLANEOUS:  for a full gathering of park residence going to underwater city, residents form groups of 5 across and 10 deep on the beach and beach road — 6 groups in all to receive crystal baton that generates protective aura and link for traveling to the underwater city.

Crystal Ridge (nearest town) a few miles beyond the inaccessible eastern tip of the lake; restaurants, gas stations with brightly lit coverings, ice cream parlor.

Because the lake does not freeze over in winter, the residents’ entertained idea of clearing a roadway at the eastern tip of the lake for easy access to town but cancelled the plan due to maintaining privacy from outsiders.

DESCRIPTION:  paved drive entryway with landscaped flowerbeds and evergreen trees, surrounded by split-rail fence. Dense forest on either side that’s impassible. Mobile home park sprawls across the hill above Crystal Lake.

Large welcome sign arched over entryway — red, green and gold trim and floodlights. Park is a halfway beacon for travelers along the old No. 2 highway — a two-lane thoroughfare that joins west side of WA State to the east.

Park Office building/residence — white and green and looks like a Santa’s chalet with its steep red-tin roof and white gingerbread woodwork. Medium-size parking lot. Narrow paved roadway (with white center line) back into park.

Pavement curves and branches off, gradually working its way down the steep hill. Mobile homes are staggered tucking neatly amongst the towering oaks and pine trees that are thickly scattered throughout the well-kept park. Old-fashion streetlamps.

At bottom of hill is the lake with soaring cliffs that protect the far uninhabited shores. Longer than wide, the lake’s cold black waters fill a natural chasm that easily goes deeper than a mile; Lake is 13 miles long and always cold from the mountain runoff (never freezes); lake is private property, belonging to Crystal Lake Acres Corporation.

On Beach Road stout whitewashed logs stand like wooden soldiers protecting the wide sandy beach. To the left is the extended dock with several small boats tied down. Metal rail around dock.

Steep ledge under the water about 20 feet from shore. Crescent-shaped beach stretches out toward Rock Point almost two miles away.

Main beach is just off the beach road and has a large boulder about the size of a big pony and other smaller rocks here and there. Under the big rock is the holding place for the crystal batons or cloaking crystals (when held, projects a dim blue aura around the person like a second skin that sustains an oxygen atmosphere for the journey underwater to the city).  To unlock the rock use toe to push against a blunt tipped protrusion at base of rock (lakeside). There will be a soft distinct click and the rock will lift slightly upward. Nudge lightly to move the rock soundlessly back out of the way. Beneath is a hefty square pit in the sand; inside is a black metal trunk just slightly smaller than the opening.

Twin mountain peaks rise like sanctified steeples high above the lake catching the early dawn sun like an explosion of pure white light between them.


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