October 3, 2011

Basic Novel Timeline

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Working Title: Beneath the Surface

Dates are based on a 2004 starting year for the novel

THALIA: planet far outside earth’s isolated sector, is dying because the planet is slowly losing its orbit bringing it closer to their sun. Needing a new place to live, 100 years ago scout ships were sent out to different quadrants of the galaxy, searching for habitable planets. Fleet delegations were sent out to explore those different possibilities. Kalon’s fleet (19 ships) left Thalia in 1969 (earth years), the journey taking almost two years, and arrived June 1971 and orbited earth with advanced technology and the hopes of quietly infiltrating human society without alarming the population.

The fleet delegation consisted of 19 deep space voyage class ships, with a crew and family compliment of 2400, for a total of 45,600 Thalians traveling to earth. To build and sustain each underwater city on earth (five altogether) took 3 giant voyage class ships. Approx. 9,100 Thalians per city.

Fleet commanded by Kalon and Brionna Bromon, first family of the elite scientific House of Bromon (Damon’s parents) selected and traveled to earth, Rowan born April 14, 1972 earth’s orbit and was four years old at the time of Damon’s birth. Both Kalon and Brionna spent considerable time on earth in 1975 and 1976 unaware that the virus infected them. Brionna became pregnant in April of 1976 and gave birth to a healthy boy, Damon, on November 10, 1976.

Only two cases of pregnancy by infected parents:  Damon by Kalon and Brionna, and Debra by Trevon and Edith. Viral infection was not identified until 1982 as the killer of the 32 original on-land colonists. It wasn’t until Debra was tested that Rowan’s suspicions were confirmed that Damon and Debra had been born with a unique extra pair of chromosomes (appearing dormant) and enlarged frontal lobe/higher brain function capacity that is not present in anyone else.

EARTH:  Fleet orbited earth for five years learning languages and customs. Those picked for the original on-land  colony were vaccinated against every known bacteria and viral infection ever recorded in human history. Established contact in 1976 with a select group of humans who become helpers to the Thalian cause. In early 1978 construction neared completion on settlement in Lincoln County, Montana. After six months of living permanently in the settlement, the colonists started getting ill. Just respiratory problems to begin with. Best Thalian scientific minds couldn’t find the cause until too late in 1982. By December of 1981 every one of the original on-land team was dead – massive cell deterioration and finally complete system failure. The cause: humans through ignorance and apathy gradually damaged the protective layer around the earth and did nothing to stop it. Now the humans are at risk as well. No longer totally shielded from harmful radiation they struggle against a losing battle to overcome tougher forms of cancers and mutating bacteria and viral strains. All more deadly with each passing year.

Priority research underway to build up Thalian resistance to the atmosphere. Ozone layer could mend itself if the humans would just stop poisoning the air.

Underwater city was build using a stripped down fleet to protect Thalians from the atmosphere, and more. It took 3 giant voyage ships to build and sustain the underwater city. But Thalian race will die out if unable to live above. 1. Offspring between Thalians could overcrowd the city and its resources and have no way of expanding the city proper, and rock dwellings in the mountain can’t be secured against earthquakes and other natural disasters. 2. If earth becomes radiated to death than the city and its residence die also. 3. Children who are born and live in the city have no immunity against the virus above. For offspring to have any chance for natural immunization to the atmosphere a human female and Thalian male must mate and the child must live above ground.

In 1978 Trevon and Edith married (he was 30 she was 25), becoming the first interstellar marriage between human and Thalian. Edith became pregnant in early October 1978, another first and a surprise that was discovered by a routine blood test. The embryo was removed at three weeks to make sure the sex was female and examined for any genetic abnormalities caused by the inter-species fertilization. The extra set of chromosomes was not detected at that time. Oddly enough, Edith and Trevon had been scheduled for artificial implantation later that month. A full eight months later, Edith delivered a healthy baby girl, Debra, born on July 30, 1979.

By mid 1982 the Lincoln County settlement had been dismantled completely. Meanwhile a search for a suitably protected location was being carried out by all five ships and one found in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State. In April of 1982, human helpers formed the Crystal Lake Acres Corporation and purchased a desolate Crystal lake and thousands of acres of surrounding land with funds provided by the Thalians (gold and other minerals were converted to US dollars around the world over several years). And by August 1982 the underwater city was well underway (over a mile and a half deep) using teleportation and cloaked air and sea shuttles specially shielded against the atmosphere. Underwater city Tantria was completed Jan 1984 and officially opened to human helpers in October 1984. Approximately 9100 residents at Tantria. Four other underwater cities built simultaneously and completed 1987: two in the US, two in Europe, and one in Canada. Each city sustains approximately 9100 Thalian residents.

NOTE: Tantria is the mother city and has the final say on all revolutionary programs or experiments involving Thalians moving to the surface. Due to the disastrous results with the 50 original first generation and second generation children, all propagation programs have been stopped while research continues at Tantria.

NOTE: Due to the virus death tragedy all plans for the four other on-land colonies was put on hold. When Tantria was completed (January 1984) and months of testing showed no atmospheric radiation penetrating the city, plans went forward for construction of four more underwater cities (completed 1987).

Manton (Head of security, Grand Master in the arts of hand-to-hand combat and self-defense) Manton’s father, Jordon Lorran, whom he has NEVER seen, stayed on Thalia to supervise construction of the final fleet of Bromon ships bound for Earth. His father and the remaining 50 or 60 thousand evacuees bound for earth, have been waiting 35 (?) years (2004 timeframe) for the message to set course — a one-time teleport beacon that might never be sent from Tantria.


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